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The significance of Fujian plastic turnover basket to modern retail logistics

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  Fujian plastic turnover basket is a logistics container made of plastic as raw material,referred to as turnover basket or plastic basket.As an important vehicle for modern retail logistics,Fujian plastic turnover baskets have the word turnover because they are recyclable and are fundamentally different from disposable plastic baskets.Fujian plastic turnover basket is not only a logistics vehicle,but also a recyclable storage and transportation packaging;different from one-time storage and transportation packaging,the operation mode and characteristics of recyclable storage and transportation packaging are closer to logistics vehicles,so more often,Fujian plastic turnover basket Used and managed as a vehicle.
  According to the scope of circulation,plastic turnover baskets can be divided into external circulation turnover baskets and internal circulation turnover baskets.The external circulation turnover basket is also called the circulation packaging turnover basket.A typical application scenario is that after the agricultural products are loaded into the basket,they are finally distributed to the retail terminal from the upstream production base through the circulation link.Due to the need for circulation in the entire supply chain,the formulation and promotion of industry standards for circular packaging turnover baskets is of great significance to promoting the unitized logistics of agricultural products.When plastic turnover baskets are used as internal vehicles in an enterprise,more consideration should be given to how to match the operation process and application scenarios.
  In retail logistics,revolving packaging baskets are mainly used in the supply chain process of beer,beverages,vegetables and fruits,meat products,bread and other categories.According to the physical structure of the turnover baskets,the circulating packaging turnover baskets can be divided into rigid upright turnover baskets,reversing nesting turnover baskets,turning arm turnover baskets,folding turnover baskets,etc.Turnover baskets with different physical structures have different advantages and disadvantages.Generally speaking,when choosing the physical structure of the turnover basket,the characteristics of the industry and the operation characteristics of the circulation system must be fully considered.The selection of recycle packaging turnover baskets is generally affixed with obvious industry labels.The sub-industries to which different retail commodities belong basically have the customary usage habits of turnover baskets.As retail logistics evolves,we need to revisit these habits.
  In recent years,with the rise of the concept of supply chain,more and more retail enterprises have realized that the original turnover basket specifications and operation mode have become more and more difficult to meet the increasingly sophisticated requirements of enterprises and society for retail logistics.In this context,the willingness of retail enterprises to use standardized recyclable packaging turnover baskets is increasing day by day.Especially in the field of agricultural products,in order to meet the daily needs of consumers for fresh food and ingredients,and at the same time to cope with the impact of e-commerce on traditional retail,fresh commodities represented by vegetables and fruits are becoming more and more important.

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