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Plastic pallets can carry heavy loads

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  Plastic pallets enjoy a high reputation in various application fields;the use of pallets with forklifts greatly improves the production efficiency,and the warehouse and workshop become clean and tidy,with a lot of beauty.Pallets made of plastic do not lift up with wooden and metal pallets,and are much lighter in weight.Is the load of plastic pallets the same?There are at least three indicators for the load of plastic pallets,one is the choice of raw materials,the other is the difference in the manufacturing process,and the third is the difference in the shape and weight of the pallet.
  In the selection of raw materials,PP and PE are usually the main ones,or a variety of raw materials are mixed.PP plastic has high rigidity.When the pallet is loaded,it is not easy to bend and deform,and it is easy to break;PE has high self-will,excellent impact resistance and compression resistance,but it is easy to bend;mixed materials are both It is suitable,but it is made from many recycled materials,and the service life is not long.The production method of mixing new materials is more practical,and at the same time has high rigidity and willfulness,which improves the performance of plastic pallets in all aspects.In terms of load,the mixed new material plastic pallets are mostly calculated in tons.
  In the manufacturing process,rotational molding,injection molding,blow molding,and blister molding can all produce beautiful trays.Based on cost considerations and the choice of finished products,blow molding and injection molding are the main ones;both of them are plastic raw materials.Heat,shape,and cool to get the desired finished product.In terms of load,the blow-molded pallet is slightly better at the same level.
  The shape of the pallet directly determines the load index of the plastic pallet.The bottom of the pallet is usually six-legged,nine-legged,Sichuan-shaped,Tian-shaped,or double-sided.The simpler the structure,the smaller the load of the plastic tray,such as The bottom is a pallet with nine feet and six feet,and the maximum dynamic load is only a few hundred kilograms.The more complex the structure,the higher the weight of the plastic pallet,and the load can be raised to a higher level.
  When manufacturing pallets,plastic pallet manufacturers can customize relative plastic pallet products according to the needs of different customers,such as built-in steel pipes.The addition of steel pipes can make the plastic pallet work more stable,not easily deformed,and have a longer service life.Compared with traditional wooden and metal pallets,plastic pallets are more suitable for long-term use in batches in terms of environmental protection,beauty and cost.

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