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How to deal with the odor in Xiamen Haosheng plastic trash can

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  How to deal with the odor in Xiamen Haosheng plastic trash can?Xiamen Haosheng plastic trash can is a product that every household will use now,and it is widely used in society.Many times we choose to use environmentally friendly trash cans during processing and production.Xiamen Haosheng plastic trash cans have many benefits.How to remove the odor when occasional environmentally friendly trash cans are used.Xiamen Haosheng plastic trash can not only smell bad,but also easily attract cockroaches,characters,small flying insects and flies and other insects that are easy to spread diseases,which greatly affects the sanitary environment of the community.
  Xiamen Haosheng plastic trash cans will smell bad after being used for a long time.If they are not cleaned in time,there will be an unpleasant smell,so be sure to deodorize them.If there is an odor in the sanitation trash can,it is mainly because there is too much water in the bucket,so you can spread a layer of newspaper at the bottom of the trash can,and put two or three packs of desiccant on the newspaper.The desiccant can absorb the waste in the trash.Moisture,without moisture garbage can\'t evaporate odor.Also,you can find some old stockings,put some charcoal in them to make a charcoal bag,hang it on the lid of the trash can,or stick the charcoal bag on it with tape,which can also reduce the odor of the trash can.good way.
  Xiamen Haosheng plastic trash can manufacturers can generally guarantee the quality of trash cans produced.However,after a long period of time,due to some garbage delivery reasons and untimely cleaning problems,the environmental protection trash can will have peculiar smell after long-term use.According to the above method,the peculiar smell can be cleaned up very well.a very good way.

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