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How is Xiamen plastic trash can sprayed

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  Xiamen plastic trash cans are widely used and are deeply loved by consumers,and can be generally seen and understood in our production and life!But do you know why Xiamen plastic trash cans have so many colors on the surface?In fact,this is the same as the spray effect of Xiamen plastic trash cans,and I will give you a brief introduction.
  The production of plastic trash cans in Xiamen basically adopts the spray method,because it avoids color difference and has a long service life for environmental protection.The first thing to do is to remove the oil,dust and rust on the surface of the workpiece.If it is a special workpiece,a high-performance electrostatic spraying machine should be used to complete the spraying.Then,high temperature curing is performed,and the sprayed workpiece is pushed into the curing furnace,heated to a predetermined temperature,and kept for a corresponding time;the finished product is obtained by opening the furnace and taking it out for cooling.
  So we can see that Xiamen plastic trash cans come in a variety of colors.This is all because of the problem of plastic spraying in Xiamen plastic trash cans!If you need to buy more Xiamen plastic trash cans,you can contact the editor!

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