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Advantages of Fujian Province Plastic Turnover Boxes

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  Fujian Province plastic turnover boxes can be used for transportation and packaging of finished products.They are lightweight and durable,which can also be stacked firmly.In addition,they can be customized based on special requirement.Compared with the ordinary logistics turnover boxes,Fujian Province boxes of functional design can be achieved with a strong industry specificity.They are also heavy duty with heavier loading capacity.
  There are many types of plastic turnover boxes.Just list some below due to the limited space of the article.
  Ordinary stackable boxes:They are common stackable plastic turnover boxes,with main advantage of flexibly stacked of multiple boxes.
  Oblique plug type turnover box:They are mostly matched with cover,like hinged lid and flip cover.They can be stacked and also nested to save storage space.
  Material mostly be with high impact resistance of co-polypropylene and high-density polyethylene,namely CO-PP and HDPE.
  Fujian Province plastic turnover boxes are with good stability of boxes body,which can not be collapsed easily.All the boxes have high precision because of the injection molding process.Compared with wooden turnover box,plastic turnover boxes are better in cleanliness,as they are odorless,and easy to be cleaned.The impact resistance of Fujian plastic turnover boxes are stronger,naturally because of material.If by softer material,it will be with higher impact resistance.The turnover boxes themselves are light in weight and easy to store.They also help to save much space.

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