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The sales channel of Haosen Plastic is the key to win the market

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  Logistics cost are mainly consist of transportation cost,warehouse cost and distribution center management cost.The market of food turnover logistics box is concentrated in big or medium cities.It meets the demand by setting up factories in major areas.If the inefficiency of production capacity or out of the major area it will works through via railway directly shipping or sent to the local distribution center,then deliver to door shipping via trailer car.
  Therefore,the long-distance transportation cost a large proportion of the product price.The unreasonable of the food industry logistics cost have the points:high transportation costs,large storage area in off-season,and low capacity utilization rate.The high cost of logistics doesn’t not correspond to a reasonable level of logistics,on the contrary,logistics can’t respond quickly according to the market feedback.
  The deficiencies of logistics in customer service are mainly manifested in the following aspects:Time of long order processing and payment confirmation,low order fulfillment rate,untimely delivery,low order supply ratio,unreasonable delivery time,poor service attitude of driver,high rate of cargo damage.Due to analysis of the food logistics box can be concluded that the reasons for the current logistics service influenced by supply network,forecasting and distribution policies.The rough supply network will lead to long distance for railway transportation and transit distribution,the lead time is several times that of short-haul truck transportation in usual,and the lead time of planning and forecasting increase accordingly.
  The accuracy of the forecast is reduced,the cycle time for simultaneous changes and adjustments of the food logistics box is also increased,and the flexibility is reduced.Longer lead times mean dealing with greater changes in market demand,making all of the logistics complex and uncontrollable,resulting in lower customer service value.

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